Article by Kevin Davis, Technical Product Manager - LabTech Software 

In today’s competitive market, having satisfied clients is rarely enough to keep you truly competitive. Clients are more educated, better prepared and have more alternatives. To run a thriving company, your satisfied clients need to become raving fans.

Encouraging that transition is all about a dedication to the best service possible. Here are a few tips to get you there.

Know Your Clients

First and foremost, you must exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service. You might think this is a given, but oftentimes this is where companies fall down.

At any given moment, you can assume that your clients are being pursued by another company or are researching other options. Keep in mind that when clients are shopping alternative solutions, they are typically looking for more than just quality service for a good price.

Exceed Expectations

The next requirement for converting loyal clients into raving fans is setting clear expectations. Without clear expectations, you cannot exceed them and will find it increasingly difficult to inspire loyalty and trust among your client base.

Be Consistent

Once you integrate these values into your company and culture, you are on your way to turning your clients in to raving fans. However, claiming total buy-in from clients is not enough. You have to deliver exceptional work on a consistent basis to maintain this new raving fan base. One of the tools to help you do this is a playbook that documents and outlines your core processes. A playbook ensures that the same process is completed to your standards every time.

Documenting processes and creating a playbook is only the beginning of turning your clients into raving fans. If you don’t communicate often, you won’t know if your work is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) client expectations. Remember that without regular communication with clients, you risk losing them through failed human interactions.

This is a just a short summary on how you can improve your clients' satisfaction and increase profitability. The full version is available on the LabTech Software Blog for you to read.

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LabTech MSP_Man BannerArticle contributed by John Timko, Marketing Director, LabTech Software.

Why should you stand by and watch your business move in slow motion? Everyone knows that time is money, so as a business owner you want to speed up emergency fixes, report delivery, everyday tasks etc. The answer is automation and in this Part 2: here are the final steps for growth, efficiency and competitiveness:

3- Training. When it comes to staff, it isn’t about quantity but quality. Establishing automation expertise through staff training will help your team take advantage of new client-facing services and achieve your desired return on investment (ROI).

Training goes beyond your technical staff - you also need to educate your sales force. Your sales team needs to learn and develop new skills, new ways of talking about your IT business and new techniques to sell your services. The time and resources you spend to nurture and train employees will help them reach their full potential and open the door to success!

4- Get Creative. Thanks to automation tools like the LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, if you can think it, you can automate it. Every IT solution ideally meets two criteria: 1) issues must be resolved consistently through documented steps; and 2) solutions must be executed without disrupting the end-user’s experience. To start understanding how automation can save you time and drive revenue, start a list of commonly reported issues from your clients to see how many recurring tasks you could proactively solve through automation. Learn how to visualize new business opportunities made possible with the time saved by automating these tasks.

5- You Built It. Market It. You've identified your market. Now it’s time to finalize your services and promote them! Start with the solutions that are easiest to implement and offer the greatest impact to your clients and move to more complex solutions that clients and prospects may not be even aware of. Set clear goals and move forward!

Automation adds value to any IT service provider’s business proposition. It makes clients happy by providing undetectable, proactive solutions that often prevent service interruptions. More importantly, automation grows your business. Using automation will increase profits by managing more devices per technician, uncovering hidden business opportunities, increasing billable time per technician and maximizing the value of your current client base, which ultimately leads to closing more sales.

If you missed Part 1- you can read this Blog post here 

Our product specialists are available to answer any questions on  0118 9898 222. You can also watch the video below for an overview of how automation helps MSPs create profitable businesses.

Article contributed by John Timko, Marketing Director, LabTech Software.

LabTech MSP_Man BannerThere is nothing as frustrating as watching your IT business move in slow motion. Everyone knows time is money, so as a business owner you try to speed things up -  response time to clients, emergency fixes, report delivery, everyday tasks…the list goes on. Most days it feels like you are catching up, being reactive instead of proactive.

IT service providers know how important it is to provide high levels of customer support for their clients while building a profitable business. Most IT service providers receive a fixed fee for their services, meaning efficiency and speed are key to profitability. The more efficient you are, the more clients you can manage. You need to ensure your operation is moving quickly without sacrificing the accuracy that makes your business profitable and competitive.

The answer is automation.

Automating tasks allows you to speed up the delivery of services and act proactively instead of reactively. As you automate daily repetitive tasks and services, your technicians are free to take on more complex tasks and projects. Automation eliminates the need for constant human intervention in simple daily tasks so that staff can focus on more pressing client needs.

Automation also gives you peace of mind because you know that automated tasks are being completed every time! You are delivering proactive services that result in improved client satisfaction without disrupting end-users.

LabTech Software has developed 5 steps through best practice analysis to take your IT business to a new level of growth, efficiency, and competitiveness:

1- Growth Potential. Take a look at your current client base. How many new clients could you serve with automation solutions? What market share could you claim with more efficient services? Market research and a survey of your current clientele will help you identify the right services and sales goals for your business.

2- The Right Tools. Competitive IT service providers, like the best engineers, have a solid and powerful set of tools to help them accomplish tasks. For IT service providers those tools are:

  • Professional services automation (PSA).
  • Remote monitoring and management (RMM).
  • Quote and proposal automation.

If you’re already using these tools you are ready to automate your business. Automation is a force multiplier that flows into all operative stages, staff, and everyday activities to increase efficiency across the board while driving revenue. If you are missing some of these tools, explore vendor offers to ensure you are getting everything you need to make your business a success.

Want to know more about "How to Save Time and Drive Revenue?" We'll be back soon to tell you more in Part 2..... in the meantime, here's a video about RMM and how it helps MSPs create efficient, profitable businesses:

Labtech Automation

As a managed service provider (MSP), one of your goals is to help your clients get the highest return on their technology investment.

Just like your clients, you should also invest time improving your own technology solutions to increase your own returns. One way to do this is with automation.


Here are three more reasons automation is so important.

1- Expert experience in a script Most MSPs have an in-house expert who is the go-to person for problems no one else can solve. Yet the solutions to these problems often have common troubleshooting steps. Invest time to document the steps taken to resolve common problems and automate potential fixes with a script. This will allow every technician to apply expert knowledge… without having to be an expert!

2- Standardized client installations Following a common computer on-boarding process with a script allows you to deploy tools in a consistent manner and ensure your client environments are set up according to your defined standards every time.

3- Improved customer service Rather than tell you, here’s an example to show you how automation can improve your customer service levels. Take the example of a medical practice using an electronic medical records (EMR) application based on a MS-SQL database to run their practice. The database has been giving the client problems, randomly stopping during the week and bringing the office to a halt. Instead of waiting for the next failure, build automation into your RMM platform to watch for, document and resolve issues for you.

For example, using LabTech you would: Create a monitor on the server that checks the MS-SQL service every 30 seconds If the database service fails, have the monitor run the LabTech Ignite® ‘Monitor Restart Service’ script, which will:

  • Open a trouble ticket to document the service failure
  • Attempt to restart the service
  • If the service is restarted, closes the ticket and saves a record for reporting and future follow-up
  • If the service is not restarted, escalates the ticket to a technician to research and resolve the issue

This automation will either resolve the issue with minimal downtime or if it can’t resolve the problem, you’ll get notification so you’re not only aware of the problem, but you’re already working on a resolution before the client can even call to report the issue.

To find out more about LabTech's RMM solution visit our website or contact our product specialists on 0118 9898 222

New enhancements help to further drive automation into today's IT businesses

Labtech LogoWe are pleased to announce that LabTech Software, the remote monitoring and management (RMM) provider has unveiled its latest version, LabTech 2013.1.

The platform delivers a number of enhancements to LabTech’s IT service provider and MSP partners, such as a new LabTech Virtualization Manager, a new vPro™ Management Workspace, enhanced CA D2D integration and Symantec Backup Exec™ integration, an improved ConnectWise Plug-in and overall usability and stability improvements.

Featuring a number of new enhancements, LabTech 2013.1 further drives automation into today’s I.T. businesses, enabling LabTech partners to monitor and manage modern data centers, improve connectivity and productivity, ensure data protection and recovery, and optimize the operational efficiency of their businesses to improve the bottom line.

What can the new features do for your business?

  • New LabTech Virtualization Manager: This feature extends the LabTech platform to provide agentless VMware infrastructure monitoring and basic management, enabling partners to monitor and manage their physical and virtual environments from a single console.
  • New vPro Management Workspace: This new Intel® vPro™ integrated plug-in enables easy onboarding of devices, device discovery with AMT and vPro enabled machines and features seamless integration of core vPro management functions.
  • Enhanced CA D2D Integration and Symantec Backup Exec Integration: This new integrated plug-in lets partners manage their clients’ backups through a single console and eliminates the need to login to each client machine.
  • Improved ConnectWise Plug-in 6.1: This feature offers improved usability, added work type overrides and contact syncing.
  • Stability and performance enhancements

LabTech was developed for IT service providers and the way they work and it continues to be the RMM platform for monitoring virtual environments and creating opportunities for MSPs.

Visit our website to find out more about LabTech and the RMM solution


Labtech Logo

Offering MSPs value in a growing and competitive industry motivates our team at Blue Solutions. We are pleased to announce that LabTech Software, the remote monitoring and management (RMM) provider are offering MSPs additional value with new products that integrate with the LabTech platform.

While the current LabTech solution automates I.T. tasks, the new products are well-known names in the cloud backup, disaster recovery and network printing industry:

  • BackupAgent - a premium, internet-based cloud backup solution that offers private labelling, scalability and hosting, via the BackupAgent or private cloud. With worldwide data centres, this product integrates with LabTech to enable partners to deploy, configure and monitor BackupAgent clients.
  • Vembu BDR – the comprehensive, affordable on-site backup, cloud replication and disaster recovery solution allows partners to back up unlimited virtual machines for a flat cost. The LabTech console helps MSPs to deploy, manage and perform on-demand actions. Partners are able to back up to an off-site or on-premise server or a combination of both.

Partner image

  • Xerox PrintAssist - is a cloud-based plug-in solution that helps IT service providers capture more business in client accounts, by providing proactive monitoring of networked printers and multifunction devices (regardless of manufacturer). A single dashboard automatically provides timely information on printer activity and communicates error messages such as paper jams or low consumable levels.

With these new products LabTech and Blue Solutions are continuing to help I.T. service providers increase efficiency, profitability and control and access new sources of revenue using the LabTech platform.

Visit our website to find out more about LabTech and the RMM solution

A study by Node4, data centre and communication specialist, found that up to 70% of UK SMBs expect larger IT budgets next year.  80% of the IT decision makers that were interviewed during the study agreed their expectation was for better business performance in 2014 and as a result they are considering how IT can be applied to automate processes and increase efficiency in their business.

The last recession cycle saw some serious spending cuts in IT departments but as faith in the UK economy is increasing, SMBs are once again looking at IT investment. However, spending habits have changed and decision makers want IT solutions that help them to drive down costs, be more efficient and win more business. SMBs now realise that even the most talented and expensive IT resources can't help the business to grow when they are distracted by mundane tasks like troubleshooting, monitoring and day-to-day support. 

Labtech LogoThis has brought new attention to the importance of automation and the features and benefits of products like Labtech 2013 - Click Here.  LabTech is the ultimate solution for recurring IT tasks to SMBs and their clients. Designed to extend and automate IT services, LabTech 2013 will improve IT process automation with enhanced visibility and automation which will free up IT resources to focus on more strategic projects. LabTech will also increase levels of service quality and achieve IT service excellence with 99.9% uptime.

Click here  to read more about LabTech 2013 and how it can improve an IT solution provider’s service offering through remote support that results in improved technician efficiency, added flexibility and dramatic cost reduction while driving IT automation into your business.

Successful IT is more than just on-site management of workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices. It is about remote management and control, seamless software deployment without end-user disruption and fixing issues before they even occur. It is about staff efficiency and customer satisfaction and it is about making the purchasing decisions that will empower businesses to achieve that in the new year.

Regardless of the purchasing intentions, plans or budgets for next year, 80% of IT decision makers in the SMB space are preparing to be automated and reap the associated business benefits in 2014! Are you?

LabTech Software, the only powerful, robust-featured remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform developed by a managed service provider (MSP) for managed service providers, is partnering with Webroot to make it easier for partners to deploy and manage endpoint security solutions for their customers. The integration is part of an ongoing effort to help partners access new sources of revenue using the LabTech platform.

"We continue to provide our partners with best-in-class solutions that further add value and automation to their LabTech platform," said Matt Nachtrab, LabTech Software CEO. "Partnering with Webroot allows us to further deliver on integrated solutions that can be managed through the single-pane-of-glass within LabTech. I'm excited to have Webroot as part of our security portfolio and look forward to helping our partners and MSP businesses succeed."

Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, the cloud-based Webroot SecureAnywhere portfolio includes the industry’s lightest and fastest endpoint security solutions, allowing LabTech partners to achieve exceptional threat protection and faster scans without bulky patches and signature updates. Webroot places the burden of malware protection in the cloud, freeing up operating systems and hardware resources – saving MSPs time and money, and increasing customer satisfaction.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with LabTech Software," said Charlie Tomeo, vice president of channel and technical sales at Webroot. "Their industry-leading services have fostered a loyal and rapidly-growing following within the MSP community. We recognize that traditional endpoint security has created many challenges for MSPs. With Webroot's cloud-based security solution, MSPs will be able to not only gain additional profits, but also significantly reduce the complexities and inefficiencies normally associated with managing a security solution."

Webroot’s cloud-based security solutions require no hardware, can be installed instantly and can be managed anywhere, anytime. This significantly reduces the amount of management required from MSP partners to deploy and manage endpoint security for all their customers. The solutions are lightweight and fast, with no impact on end-user productivity. Webroot takes an innovative and powerful approach to endpoint security that utilizes cloud-based big data, delivering maximum protection to MSPs. The security solutions feature instant rollback and remote remediation with no need to re-image machines, improving productivity, saving MSPs time and money and lowering total cost of ownership.

To learn more about the LabTech-Webroot integration, please visit www.labtechsoftware.com/webroot.

LabTech xSPBlue Solutions are pleased to announce the arrival of an xSP pricing model from LabTech Software. Until recently LabTech has only been available as perpetual or a subscription licence with commitment. You can now purchase LabTech on a Pay As You Grow (PAYG) licence model. You will be billed via Direct Debit in arrears based on the number of agents deployed in the previous month. The more you deploy the cheaper the agent price.

  • No commitment with quantity or term
  • Increase or decrease agents used
  • Grows with your business
  • Start to benefit from the power of LT without commitment / big investment
  • Transition from another RMM provider by running in parallel
  • Easy to switch to different licence model if required

Check out a trial of LabTech today www.labtechsoftware.com/bluesolutionscloudtrial

BYOD and New Network Requirements

Adopting BYOD increases the bandwidth usage, deteriorating the performance of other devices and applications in the network. This becomes definitely a pain instead of the expected advantage.

According to BT and Cisco’s research, the companies implementing BYOD practices should reinforce their networks, their security and obtain complete control of all the devices in them whether they are mobiles or not, to accomplish their planned productivity.

According to research based in 2,200 surveys to executives and companies in 13 countries along the different regions, the growth of mobiles devices is exponential and has increased the bandwidth usage in 84%. Actually, 56% of IT managers have detected a lower performance in the network and certain applications as a result of the increased bandwidth consumption. This impacts the devices’ maintenance processes and updates as well.

These negative effects are perceived by the employees; 46% of the employees with Wi-Fi access have detected delays in connecting to the network, in the applications deployment and performance, and in their devices updating, briefing, their systems whether mobiles or not have become slower in every mean. 76% of the professionals that responded to the survey think that companies should take the needed measures to increase the productivity, security, and performance. From the surveyed TI professionals, 33% suggested working with more applications based in Cloud, 32% suggested using specialized software, and 32% suggested increasing support to mobile devices users.



This is clearly one of the most common pains produced by the innovative mobile revolution. Now read this:

Even though having a Wi-Fi access is fundamental to a BYOD development, 45% of the employees do not have Wi-Fi access to their corporate networks. Of this number 68% thinks that having this access would turn into a positive impact on their work, 30% said it would increase their flexibility at work, and 26% said it would ease their contact within the company.

Network capacity is definitely not the only challenge to consider when adopting BYOD. Actually, 84% of the surveyed IT professionals said that BYOD could be a competitive advantage only if the necessary processes, tools, and policies are adopted; 26% think that employees understand the requirements to get the access and permissions for their mobile devices.

RMM and MDM are definitely one of these requirements; a properly applied continuous RMM/MDM policy allows the IT professionals to control the installation, deployment and performance of each application and device whether it is BYOD or not. RMM/MDM tolls also control the corporate information security and access in the network help

ing it to improve its performance. Additionally, the regular RMM/MDM processes reinforce security policies along the network, devices and corporate information.

Gordon Thompson, EMEA Enterprise Network Director in Cisco, stated that they already have a BYOD model. They started in 2009 only with smart phones, achieving savings of 25% on cost-per-employee. They recently added 82% more devices to their base increasing the number of users by28%. He added that companies intending to implement BYOD definitely have to consider a BYOD comprehensive plan beyond the operating system; they have to consider the device support and maintenance, , the end user experience and the increased productivity.

John Timko, Marketing Director at LabTech Software, explained that RMM/MDM services, IT networks and application performance work hand-in-hand. RMM certainly improves the network and devices’ performance.

Timko added that in a nutshell, the appropriate RMM and MDM services together with high performing network hardware and software can deliver any IT support and management task or process that needs to be accomplished remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively, giving the support and performance needed to achieve the desired productivity, and end-user experience and at the same time reinforcing security and information availability.

The smart phones and tablets trend is to continue growing, and companies need to develop BYOD plans, so they imminently need a cost-effective RMM and of course MDM solution. The market is there, opened and in need, waiting for experienced RMM and MDM services and solutions provider to help them achieve their performance goals.

Monica Paul, Marcomtec Group