DataFortress , powered by Attix5, and available exclusively from Blue Solutions.  It enables Solution Providers and MSP’s to effortlessly deliver a secure and reliable service to their clients, hosted at our mirrored UK Data Centres.  Datafortress offers a range of affordable, flexible monthly plans, and billing based on consumption to facilitate recurring revenues with strong margins for the Reseller.

New Features in version 7:

Simplified networking feature allows all connections to be made through a single port. While most other backup solutions require multiple IPs and ports to achieve this,  DataFortress , powered by Attix5, turns this networking nightmare into a simple “one-port-fits-all” solution.

In the unforeseen event of a lost workstation, the bare metal recovery (BMR) feature enables instant recovery from an image-level backup (snapshot). This ensures that business continues as usual, without wasting resources on reinstalling any software programs or operating systems.

Additional key features in V7.0.3, such as enhanced restore file access, expanded operating system support and Windows backup operator mode, add immediate and lasting value to evolving technical environments.

Top ten selling features in Version 7

  1. Zero disk utilisation
  2. Faster backups
  3. Faster restores
  4. Simplified Networking NEW
  5. Zero performance impact during backup
  6. Backup Operator mode NEW
  7. Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) NEW
  8. High performance Exchange support
  9. Enhanced Restore File access NEW
  10. All-in-one Private, Public and Hybrid cloud

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Fill the Gap
Symantec will stop selling subscriptions or renewals for Backup on Jan. 6, 2014. Make sure you are able to fill the gap for customers with a trusted cloud solution.

The recent news of Symantec’s Backup discontinuing and the shutdown of backup company, Nirvanix in September, have left distributors and resellers cautious of which providers to use to entrust clients’ data to. Although these announcements came as a shock to many, it can also be seen as an opportunity to migrate to better solutions that provide more than just data storage but also added value to businesses.

At Blue Solutions we believe that stability is a fundamental factor in choosing a backup partner in order to give business customers the confidence that their critical backup data will be available for recovery in every instance. With a strong history of cloud solutions since inception in 1999, DataFortress, powered by Attix5, is a solution that MSPs can rely on to assist their SMB customers to make the best choice for their backup and recovery needs.

For this reason, DataFortress is recommended by Blue Solutions as a cloud solution that will not only fill the gap left by Backup Exec.Cloud but also but also add more value to your business such as business continuity and productivity. Cloud backup and recovery can be complex, requires continual investment, innovation, and most of all focus on the channel to ensure certainty and security of clients’ data. Blue Solutions is 100% focused on the channel and DataFortress is a cloud solution that will be available exclusively from us for the long haul.

To assure yourself of DataFortress being a secure, automated and scalable solution for your customers feel free to browse our website here:

Are you a reseller or solutions provider looking to provide a cloud backup solution. Maybe you already have a solution in place and are demanding more performance, better management, more resilience. Have you looked at DataFortress?

DataFortress is a multi-tenanted solution that can be white-labelled. Data is secured and transmitted with AES 256bit encryption and is FIPS compliant. The DataFortress service is now available in a variety of new deployment offerings. Depending on the size of the backup requirement, available hardware, your technical expertise and the recovery objectives of the end user.

Fully Managed
Fully managed solution in the DataFortress Cloud for fast and easy deployment. Fully managed will also be most appropriate if you are just starting out. This service uses the DataFortress UK Mirrored Datacentres, no hardware or setup required.

Self Hosted
If you have you own hardware and are looking to run your own platform. Requires duplicate server setup to offer a mirrored solution. Alternatively you can mirror using the DataFortress Mirror Datacentre service.

If your end user requires LAN based backups for speed of backup and recovery, the DataFortress storage platform can be installed on premise with your end user. The data can be mirrored back to either your Self Hosted platform or the DataFortress Mirror Datacentre.

End User Hosted
Larger End users with TBs of backup data can opt for a full solution to be installed within their network. Corporate policy may prevent data being transmitted to a public cloud on the Internet.

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For Resellers and Solution Providers looking to spread their wings with sticky services, Cloud Backup has to be a logical place to start if you haven't already. The sales process won't differ that much from selling tin and a licence but once the order is signed you will remain closer to your customer for the duration of the contract. Your customer can sleep peacefully at night knowing their data is securely backed up offsite and mirrored in case of a disaster. Whilst you have a  guaranteed revenue stream coming in each month. As you add more customers you benefit from the aggregated purchasing of the storage. More options are now available with partners being able to choose from fully hosted and managed cloud backup solutions to hybrid cloud models with either you or your end user hosting a storage platform. This can obviously reduce costs utilising existing hardware and provide faster data recovery for large files.

DataFortress is a multi-tenanted solution that can be white-labelled. Data is secured and transmitted with AES 256bit encryption and is FIPS compliant. The DataFortress service is now available in a variety of new deployment offerings. Depending on the size of the backup requirement, available hardware, your technical expertise and the recovery objectives of the end user. Fully Managed, Self Hosted, Hyrbrid, End user hosted and mirror service are now all available.

StorageCraftStorageCraft have relaxed their requirements for Managed Service Providers on the MSP programme.

  • Minimum contract term has been reduced from two years to one year
  • Minimum monthly spend has been reduced from £135+vat to £100+Vat
  • Consumption billing for the first three months, you only pay for what you use

StorageCraft continue to be the leader on disk based backups using snapshot technology to image an entire system. As a Microsoft certified VSS partner you can be assured of the highest quality solution. Clearly a reason many providers choose to white label the StorageCraft agent technology.

disaster recovery for SMBs
With consultancy and support from distribution, it becomes possible for anyone in the channel to become an MSP, handling disaster recovery on behalf of the end-user client simply by using the right vendor products

Last week StorageCraft announced a partnership with Intel to offer a backup and recovery “appliance” for Intel’s Hybrid Cloud platform. The Platform involves a customer owned, on-premise server, tied to the cloud, with business applications provided and billed by Intel. The new appliance will be offered and supported by channel partners including Managed Service Providers (MSP), giving them a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for their small-to-medium-business (SMB) clients.

This got me thinking about the importance of disaster recovery for SMBs and the opportunities for the channel. Almost every small business today uses IT and in many cases, this is critical to the smooth running, profitability and ongoing viability of the business. Losing front line services because of IT failure can be devastating. This is not just scare mongering; some services simply cannot be done without. Accordingly to a 2011 survey by Internet security firm Symantec, the median cost of downtime for an SMB is almost £8,000 per day.

Rapid recovery in the event of a disaster is essential. All businesses including small business need to be prepared (after all, disasters don’t just strike big firms). I am now seeing positive signs that SMBs recognize the need to prepare for loss of mission critical IT systems. And as these systems are becoming more complex, the shift is towards simplifying the restore by not only backing up the Office documents and emails, but also the operating system, applications, and PC profiles, using an image backup.

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