Panda Security

The Panda Security Renewal Fee Program (RFP) is a new scheme further rewarding our loyal partners for their Panda Security product sales and installations.

When a client you initially provided a Panda Security product to renews through the Panda website ( you will receive a percentage Fee of the net renewal value.

How do I know how much Renewal Fee I have earned?
The main dashboard of the RFP portal will give an overview of the numbers of codes registered, activated and the Renewal Fee you have earned to date.

Panda Renwal Share

More detailed reports are also available.

When can I claim my Renewal Fee?Your renewal Fee can be issued once your balance exceeds £250, you can email and request payment. All we need are your bank details.

How do I register?
Simply complete the registration form at Ensure you select “I want to take part on the Renewal Fee Program”
Once approved you will be provided with your RFP login credentials by email along with instructions on the use of the RFP portal. If you are an existing member of the Panda Business Partner program
then please contact us and your account can be upgraded to include access to the RFP.

How do I Register my Panda stock for Renewal Fee?
The RFC sticker is on the bottom or reverse of each retail product of the new 2013 range. Note: For ease the RFC codes can be scanned using EPOS or popular smartphone barcode scanning programs. Enter the RFP portal by visiting and clicking the RFP button.