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In January 2015 Attix5 Pro v8 will be released. This signals the discontinuation of v6.

What does product discontinuation mean?

Three months after the new version is released, Attix5 will only provide technical support for products on v7 and above. Upgrading to the newer version allows historical issues to be fixed and provides improved functionality and performance. We remove certain old and problematic features that are generally not used, this allows us to focus on producing new product features going forward.

Products affected:

  • Storage Platform v6.2.4.3
  • Storage Platform Console v6.2.3.1
  • SE and DL Backup Clients v6.2.3.0

Plug-ins affected:

  • Exchange 2000 SMR
  • Exchange 2003 SMR
  • Exchange 2007 SIR
  • Exchange 2010 SIR Plus
  • MS Exchange Server (Exchange is still supported via the VSS plug-in)
  • Lotus Domino
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint
  • VMWare (ESX 3.5 & 4.1)

New products:

New Backup Client: Enterprise Server Edition (ESE), V8 only


  • The v6 Storage Platform must be upgraded to a supported version.
  • V6 Backup Clients will still back up to the latest Storage Platform although not supported.
  • Uninstall unsupported plug-ins (see above) on v6 Backup Clients to allow auto-upgrade to the latest Server Edition (SE) and Desktop & Laptop (DL) Backup Client versions.
  • VirtualRestore is only compatible with these configurations:
    • v7 DL/SE Backup Clients with a v7 Storage Platform
    • v8 ESE Backup Clients with a v8 Storage Platform

Contact our Product Specialists today on 0118 9898 222 for more information about Attix 5 pro.

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Article by, Petrus Human, Group Technical Director Recovery Software Distribution, Attix5

If you rely on computers or devices to run your business, it is important to backup your data, and often. But what happens if you don’t have enough space on your hardware? Or what if your computer crashes, or your tablet or cell phone is stolen or damaged?

The answer is simple: online or cloud backup services. And here’s what you need to know:

1. What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup, or online backup, enables you to store your data and files on the Internet on a “cloud”. This means that if something goes wrong with your equipment – your computer, device, external hard drive or backup tape – your data won’t be effected and will still be accessible.

2. How does cloud backup work?

Cloud backup is simple: copies of your data/files are sent via the Internet to an off-site server where they are stored. Third-party service providers usually host these off-site servers and charge a fee (based on capacity, bandwidth or number of users) to store your data.
Irrespective of where the off-site server is located, you can run backups or archive your files as long as you have an Internet connection and access to a cloud backup service.

3. Is cloud backup secure?

Yes. Security is a critical part of cloud backup services, especially when storing sensitive or personal information. When you backup to the cloud, your data will be encrypted before it is sent to the off-site server for storage.

4. Is cloud backup automated?

Yes. Cloud backup systems use a software application that can be set to run on a schedule according to your business’s backup needs.

5. What kind of data should I backup to the cloud?

That depends on your business needs and business recovery plan in the case of a failure or disaster. A lot of users choose to archive their non-critical data in a cloud.
When deciding whether to store critical data in a cloud, the following checklist will help you to assess whether a cloud backup service aligns with your business’s technical and financial needs:

  • How soon will you be able to access your data in the case of a disaster?
  • How closely does the cloud backup service match your recovery time objective (RTO)?
  • Can the cloud backup service give you access to files while others are still being recovered in the background?
  • How often can you schedule a cloud backup?
  • Will the cloud backup software integrate easily with your current software?
  • How user friendly is the cloud backup software?
  • Will the cloud backup service save you time and money?
  • Will the cloud backup service only backup files that have been changed/updated, saving you storage space?

Cloud 9!

The good news is that these days, issues like space limitations, mechanical failure, theft or even natural disasters don’t need to leave you stranded. Cloud backup is a secure and efficient way of protecting your data, and ultimately your business, that will have you floating on a virtual cloud!

If you have any questions about cloud backup, contact our Product Specialist for more information.


Powered by Attix5 200x51The Blue Solutions team were invited to the Attix5 presentation, where Attix5 discussed their new branding and the emphasis on innovation that's influenced the re-brand.

With a new strapline "Innovative Data Protection", the Attix5 team talked about their cloud-based backup and recovery solution that protects businesses data with:

  • Flexible access to backed-data - requiring no additional disc space.
  • Industry standard technology used to store and encrypt data.
  • Flexibility - the solution is scalable and uses a single IP/network port across the whole LAN and public network.

There's also the opportunity to remove the need to rely on tape backups with the Titanium Appliance. This all-in-one, fast, secure and cost-effective hardware enables your organisation to backup all desktops, laptops and servers on a single onsite device.

We'll be bringing you more updates on the latest features from Attix 5 and our product specialists are also available on 0118 9898 222 to help with any questions. Their video (below) is a good look at why innovation is so important (in our industry) and why Innovative Data Protection is their new focus:


Attix5 announced they are in process of migrating the Attix5 Pro Licence server. The server Powered by Attix5 200x51will remain accessible on so no storage platform configuration changes are required.

Your storage platform will continue to work for up to two weeks in case it cannot connect to the Licence Server due to a firewall restriction. If any firewall changes are required they should however be made before the end of the week.

All resellers will need to advise their customers with storage platforms of the changes mentioned above. If you have any queries, please email

Powered by Attix5 200x51Growing businesses produce ever increasing amounts of data and managing backup and recovery places additional pressure on companies.  Attix 5 Pro v7 Sailfish offers companies a solution to manage these challenges.

Why Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish?
Putting you in control of all of your backup accounts is delivered by the Attix 5 Pro Storage Platform Console, which includes:

  • Multi-tiered backup group support and group-level settings, offering you the ability to manage thousands of backup accounts running on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This support is offered across workstations and servers, on physical and virtual platforms with ease.
  • The capability to assign roles to users, giving them control over certain accounts.
  • The ability to produce storage platform reports for backup and recovery success, single-instance, compliance and more.

Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish and disaster recovery
Recovering your data after a natural disaster or corrupt hardware and software presents companies with numerous challenges.  VirtualRestore is the feature that gives I.T. companies the tools to manage their disaster recovery because:

  • Backed-up data is instantly presented on a virtual drive and appears on a local machine (where the restore is required).
  • The live data or database can be migrated to a different machine for you to continue working.

While almost no disk space is required, VirtualRestore makes restoring data as easy as doing a normal restore and copying the files and folders in a local file system.
Available for desktop, laptop and server editions, Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish and VirtualRestore are the solutions for your disaster recovery plans.
Read the latest release notes on our website here (add link)


Powered by Attix5 200x51Until recently the Storage Platform was not supported on Windows Server 2012 R2 due to a Microsoft issue which caused the SP to crash.

Microsoft has recently addressed the issue and the the V7 Sailfish R2 Storage Platform is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2, providing that the recommended update rollup 2919394 from Microsoft has been installed.

For new Windows Server 2012 R2 installations we recommend obtaining the latest Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO which includes this update rollup.

More infomation is available at the Microsoft Support website for more information.