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Attix5 latest version

In January 2015 Attix5 Pro v8 will be released. This signals the discontinuation of v6.

What does product discontinuation mean?

Three months after the new version is released, Attix5 will only provide technical support for products on v7 and above. Upgrading to the newer version allows historical issues to be fixed and provides improved functionality and performance. We remove certain old and problematic features that are generally not used, this allows us to focus on producing new product features going forward.

Products affected:

  • Storage Platform v6.2.4.3
  • Storage Platform Console v6.2.3.1
  • SE and DL Backup Clients v6.2.3.0

Plug-ins affected:

  • Exchange 2000 SMR
  • Exchange 2003 SMR
  • Exchange 2007 SIR
  • Exchange 2010 SIR Plus
  • MS Exchange Server (Exchange is still supported via the VSS plug-in)
  • Lotus Domino
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint
  • VMWare (ESX 3.5 & 4.1)

New products:

New Backup Client: Enterprise Server Edition (ESE), V8 only


  • The v6 Storage Platform must be upgraded to a supported version.
  • V6 Backup Clients will still back up to the latest Storage Platform although not supported.
  • Uninstall unsupported plug-ins (see above) on v6 Backup Clients to allow auto-upgrade to the latest Server Edition (SE) and Desktop & Laptop (DL) Backup Client versions.
  • VirtualRestore is only compatible with these configurations:
    • v7 DL/SE Backup Clients with a v7 Storage Platform
    • v8 ESE Backup Clients with a v8 Storage Platform

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SC LT banner27Nov14

During our latest Reseller webinar, LabTech Software and StorageCraft covered the following points:

  • How to increase your revenue through business integration with LabTech and StorageCraft.
  • How to Optimise your I.T. tasks with LabTech’s RMM Solution.
  • Guarantee business continuity for your partners with StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution.
  • Connect and manage your endpoints on a single screen through the LabTech Platform.

Watch this video of the webinar to find out the answers to the questions:

10-Year Anniversary SealLabTech Software has announced it has reached a major milestone - 10 year anniversary!

The developer of the only powerful, robust-featured remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution is proud to celebrate a decade of learning and progress.


As the company continues to innovate its products, we are also looking forward to the release of LabTech 10 next year. This new release is another sign of the industry knowledge, learning experiences and partner feedback developed over the 10 years. You can read the full press release here.

If you want to know more about LabTech Software RMM solution, contact our Sales Specialist  on 0118 9898 222 today.








LabTech logo

With LabTech Software's Autotask Plug-in 6.0 you can spend more time on your IT business and less time worrying about what your technology.

The Autotask Plug-in 6.0 for LabTech provides the deepest level of remote monitoring and management (RMM) integration with Autotask available on the market today. The plug-in provides seamless continuity to ensure productivity and enable worry-free automation.

Watch this video to find out more...

Got more questions about LabTech Software and Autotask? Contact our LabTech Product Manager for more information 0118 9898 210