New EU data laws- you might want to ignore this but please don’t!

Are you ready for the new EU data protection laws?

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You might not be aware but the European Parliament recently voted for changes to data protection laws.  So what do these regulations mean for businesses and are you ready for it? These new laws will cover 3 main areas:

  • The introduction of a single pan-European law for data protection to replace the inconsistent patchwork of national laws.
  • Companies based outside the EU as well as those in member states will have to comply with the regulation if they do business with EU companies or look after the data of EU citizens.
  • Businesses will also have to explicitly seek permission to process the data of citizens: consent cannot be assumed and companies will have to notify citizens of any data breaches that could affect them.

Every company needs to be aware of these regulations – no-one is exempt. If the regulations are broken, fines for organisations could be as high as €100 million or 5% of global revenue.

Your guide to the new EU Data Protection Directives

To help you understand these changes, visit the Trend Micro EU Directive site for more information. You can also download this Trend Micro White paper with more insights on how this will affect your business.

Also, here’s some quick Trend Micro videos with useful points on why every business must be aware of these new laws.

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