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Exchange administration can be time-consuming and difficult if you don't have the right tools. StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE) allows you to easily search, recover and migrate Exchange emails, mailboxes and other mailbox items.  It has a simple user interface that allows you to restore mailboxes, email messages, or attachments directly from an Exchange backup image file to a production Exchange server or PST file. This makes recovering lost emails not only painless but nearly effortless.

Key Features:

  • Recover mailboxes, email messages, and email attachments.
  • Restore or migrate individual mailboxes quickly and easily.
  • Search individual mailboxes or email messages for specific keywords.
  • Quickly mount backups for ultra-rapid access to Exchange database (.edb) files.
  • Use with any backup.
  • Enjoy support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

Problems with any Exchange server will develop. Searching, restoring and migrating email data is not easy and requires automation support. That is where StorageCraft GRE shines.

StorageCraft GRE is installed as an add-on accessory for any Microsoft Exchange server backup. StorageCraft GRE uses an interface similar to Microsoft Outlook and ‘drag and drop’ functionality for managing email objects and creating restorations to a live Exchange server environment or to .PST files for client use. StorageCraft GRE solutions not only operate with the StorageCraft flagship ShadowProtect product line, but offer compatibility with any Microsoft Exchange Server email database (EDB) or .PST file.

This means that organizations can simply add StorageCraft GRE to existing backup systems without needing to deploy a new or unfamiliar data protection product. This is important for organizations that have seasoned backup processes but want to add the Exchange search, restore and migration functionality transparently.

Here's a quick video to help you understand how easy it is to search for and recover a lost or deleted email, or other Exchange items, using StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange:

If you have any questions about StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange, contact our Product Specialist Nicola Boswell on 0118 9898 219.


Channel partners building business around cloud-based productivity suite; Trial conversion, seat count and revenue growth see triple-digit increase

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AppRiver’s popular Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite is helping channel partners capture top-line revenue, expand their service offerings and grow their cloud businesses. Since the company introduced two-tier pricing last year, it has seen a 240 percent increase in the total number of AppRiver partners engaged to sell Office 365. Revenue growth and total number of Office 365 seats sold also grew by 330 percent.

The company has a close, long-standing relationship with Microsoft and is currently one of only a handful of Office 365 syndicated hosting partners in the world. That partnership grants immediate access to expertise, support and insight into the Microsoft product roadmap, which adds significant value to AppRiver’s own partner community.

“There is a real financial incentive for partners to include Office 365 in their product portfolio because demand is on the rise,” said Scott Paul, senior director of sales, AppRiver. “More and more businesses understand that they can move to the cloud and increase productivity for less cost, without having to give up familiar Microsoft applications.”

All Mountain Technologies (AMT) recently signed on to resell AppRiver’s Office 365 to help maximize their customers’ technology investments.

“About half of the time, customers come to AMT wanting to learn more about Office 365 and the ways it can increase business productivity and enhance bottom line,” explains Jonathan Zapp, director of sales and marketing at All Mountain Technologies. “The rest of the time, we recommend Office 365 to clients who use outdated services or hardware that’s reaching end of life.”

There are several reasons why Office 365 from AppRiver is unique:

  • True On-Demand, Pay-As-You-Go Service: Office 365 from AppRiver allows partners to own the billing process, generate additional revenue and sell/service customers in a way that makes sense for their business. The company does not require minimum packaging spends or annual commitments, thereby allowing partners to mix and match services for specific users (and adjust customer consumption or user count) without fear of penalty.
  • Maintain Renewal Margin: With AppRiver, the margins are preserved even after renewal and throughout the life of the customer relationship.
  • Account Maintenance: Partners can manage all Office 365 services from a single console to add users, manage groups and send maintenance reminders and notices. AppRiver will maintain the Microsoft Partner of Record status and will not interfere or break the record without first receiving partner consent.
  • Partner Certification: Partners can learn the ropes at AppRiver University and earn certifications in both the sale and support of Office 365 once they have demonstrated mastery of required skill sets.
  • Phenomenal Care™: High-touch customer support is available from trained employees24 hours a day, every day.

The AppRiver Phenomenal Care model has become a hallmark of the company’s success, and includes expert migration assistance to anyone who needs it. That’s important because migrations can be difficult, slow and problematic. And migrating to a new cloud email service only compounds the difficulty. Perhaps that is why Gartner recently found that organizations will likely need vendor-supplied support to resolve migration issues.

“It was difficult, and often time consuming, to work with Microsoft Support,” said Zapp. “AMT takes pride in our Always-On™ Managed Services and so it was a no-brainer to choose AppRiver for its consistently great 24/7 support. We operate in a close-knit community where word of mouth and reputation go a long way. AppRiver’s swift conflict-resolution time has actually helped to increase our bottom line because customers trust that they can leave their IT worries with us and we will work through any technical issue before it impacts business operation.”

To date, AppRiver has successfully resolved 100 percent of the customer-facing support interactions for Office 365.

To learn more about AppRiver’s Office 365 or how to become a partner, please contact our Product Specialist Nicola Boswell on 0118 9898 219.

Article by Kevin Davis, Technical Product Manager - LabTech Software 

In today’s competitive market, having satisfied clients is rarely enough to keep you truly competitive. Clients are more educated, better prepared and have more alternatives. To run a thriving company, your satisfied clients need to become raving fans.

Encouraging that transition is all about a dedication to the best service possible. Here are a few tips to get you there.

Know Your Clients

First and foremost, you must exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional customer service. You might think this is a given, but oftentimes this is where companies fall down.

At any given moment, you can assume that your clients are being pursued by another company or are researching other options. Keep in mind that when clients are shopping alternative solutions, they are typically looking for more than just quality service for a good price.

Exceed Expectations

The next requirement for converting loyal clients into raving fans is setting clear expectations. Without clear expectations, you cannot exceed them and will find it increasingly difficult to inspire loyalty and trust among your client base.

Be Consistent

Once you integrate these values into your company and culture, you are on your way to turning your clients in to raving fans. However, claiming total buy-in from clients is not enough. You have to deliver exceptional work on a consistent basis to maintain this new raving fan base. One of the tools to help you do this is a playbook that documents and outlines your core processes. A playbook ensures that the same process is completed to your standards every time.

Documenting processes and creating a playbook is only the beginning of turning your clients into raving fans. If you don’t communicate often, you won’t know if your work is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) client expectations. Remember that without regular communication with clients, you risk losing them through failed human interactions.

This is a just a short summary on how you can improve your clients' satisfaction and increase profitability. The full version is available on the LabTech Software Blog for you to read.

Our product specialists are also available to talk to you about I.T. automation and how these tools can help you grow a profitable business. Contact us on 0118 9898 222 for help with any queries.




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We've been busy working with StorageCraft on some new events for you. If you missed our news about us signing the distribution agreement to be their UK distributor, you can read it here. These events are another way that we are supporting you in building and growing your MSP and Reseller business. So what's happening?

  • We have a webinar on 30th September at 11:00am where we'll share with you how to Recover from disaster in less than 5 minutes. The session will be run by a StorageCraft Technical Specialist who will show you the disaster recovery solution for your clients’ physical and virtual environments. We’re also offering anyone who registers and attends the webinar, a free ShadowProtect Desktop license. You can register here for this event.

storagecraft imageOur Learn and Sell event on 30th October is where we’ll share with you the value of adding StorageCraft to your existing product portfolio. Our half day Disaster recovery for Resellers who want to get ahead event, will take you through how the Recover-Ability solution can set you apart from other backup and data recovery resellers. We’re offering anyone who registers and attends the webinar, a free ShadowProtect Desktop license. You can register here for this event.

We hope you'll be able to join us for these events and if you have any questions please contact our product specialists on 0118 9898 222.

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As an MSP, you know that fast and reliable data backups are an important part of your clients' maintaining their businesses. With limited time and (sometimes) resources, backing up all devices can make your I.T. to-do list a lot longer. But without secure backups, businesses risk their livelihoods. How do you manage data backups on multiple devices/platforms, such as desktops, laptops and servers?

The Attix 5 Titanium Appliance backs up all of your organisation’s data onsite via the LAN with the option of an offsite location or private cloud. It’s cost-effective, all-inclusive and a convenient one-off purchase.

Other cost benefits:

  • No license fee for desktops, laptops, servers or plug-ins.
  • Storage costs are reduced as data volumes increase.
  • Free account management and managed services save admin costs.
  • Minimal human resources are required to run backup environments.

Here's a brief overview of Titanium and how it works for businesses:

Want to know more about Attix5 Titanium?  Visit our website and download the product brochure. Contact our product specialist, Emma Wale on 0118 9898 238 and she'll help with any queries.