Part 2: Automate to Eliminate: 5 Steps to Save Time and Drive Revenue

LabTech MSP_Man BannerArticle contributed by John Timko, Marketing Director, LabTech Software.

Why should you stand by and watch your business move in slow motion? Everyone knows that time is money, so as a business owner you want to speed up emergency fixes, report delivery, everyday tasks etc. The answer is automation and in this Part 2: here are the final steps for growth, efficiency and competitiveness:

3- Training. When it comes to staff, it isn’t about quantity but quality. Establishing automation expertise through staff training will help your team take advantage of new client-facing services and achieve your desired return on investment (ROI).

Training goes beyond your technical staff - you also need to educate your sales force. Your sales team needs to learn and develop new skills, new ways of talking about your IT business and new techniques to sell your services. The time and resources you spend to nurture and train employees will help them reach their full potential and open the door to success!

4- Get Creative. Thanks to automation tools like the LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, if you can think it, you can automate it. Every IT solution ideally meets two criteria: 1) issues must be resolved consistently through documented steps; and 2) solutions must be executed without disrupting the end-user’s experience. To start understanding how automation can save you time and drive revenue, start a list of commonly reported issues from your clients to see how many recurring tasks you could proactively solve through automation. Learn how to visualize new business opportunities made possible with the time saved by automating these tasks.

5- You Built It. Market It. You've identified your market. Now it’s time to finalize your services and promote them! Start with the solutions that are easiest to implement and offer the greatest impact to your clients and move to more complex solutions that clients and prospects may not be even aware of. Set clear goals and move forward!

Automation adds value to any IT service provider’s business proposition. It makes clients happy by providing undetectable, proactive solutions that often prevent service interruptions. More importantly, automation grows your business. Using automation will increase profits by managing more devices per technician, uncovering hidden business opportunities, increasing billable time per technician and maximizing the value of your current client base, which ultimately leads to closing more sales.

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