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Article contributed by John Timko, Marketing Director, LabTech Software.

LabTech MSP_Man BannerThere is nothing as frustrating as watching your IT business move in slow motion. Everyone knows time is money, so as a business owner you try to speed things up -  response time to clients, emergency fixes, report delivery, everyday tasks…the list goes on. Most days it feels like you are catching up, being reactive instead of proactive.

IT service providers know how important it is to provide high levels of customer support for their clients while building a profitable business. Most IT service providers receive a fixed fee for their services, meaning efficiency and speed are key to profitability. The more efficient you are, the more clients you can manage. You need to ensure your operation is moving quickly without sacrificing the accuracy that makes your business profitable and competitive.

The answer is automation.

Automating tasks allows you to speed up the delivery of services and act proactively instead of reactively. As you automate daily repetitive tasks and services, your technicians are free to take on more complex tasks and projects. Automation eliminates the need for constant human intervention in simple daily tasks so that staff can focus on more pressing client needs.

Automation also gives you peace of mind because you know that automated tasks are being completed every time! You are delivering proactive services that result in improved client satisfaction without disrupting end-users.

LabTech Software has developed 5 steps through best practice analysis to take your IT business to a new level of growth, efficiency, and competitiveness:

1- Growth Potential. Take a look at your current client base. How many new clients could you serve with automation solutions? What market share could you claim with more efficient services? Market research and a survey of your current clientele will help you identify the right services and sales goals for your business.

2- The Right Tools. Competitive IT service providers, like the best engineers, have a solid and powerful set of tools to help them accomplish tasks. For IT service providers those tools are:

  • Professional services automation (PSA).
  • Remote monitoring and management (RMM).
  • Quote and proposal automation.

If you’re already using these tools you are ready to automate your business. Automation is a force multiplier that flows into all operative stages, staff, and everyday activities to increase efficiency across the board while driving revenue. If you are missing some of these tools, explore vendor offers to ensure you are getting everything you need to make your business a success.

Want to know more about "How to Save Time and Drive Revenue?" We'll be back soon to tell you more in Part 2..... in the meantime, here's a video about RMM and how it helps MSPs create efficient, profitable businesses: