Did you know you can integrate Trend Micro with RMM and PSA solutions?


Trend Micro integration partners offer MSPs greater value

Trend Micro Worry Free


Running your busy I.T. business while finding solutions that integrate and work well together can be time consuming and only adds to your list of things to-do.

As we continue to support MSPs and resellers in building their businesses, we want to tell you about the other software that Trend Micro can integrate with and how it can help you grow and create a profitable business. Here's a summary of Trend Micro's integration partners:

Connectwise – integrating your Trend Micro and ConnectWise solutions provides greater efficiencies across billing, ticketing (configure Trend Micro products to alert technicians when unusual events take place) and producing reports for your customers.
Download the Trend Micro and ConnectWise factsheet.

Kaseya – The single console makes it easier to manage the overall health of Trend products in customer environments. With consolidated software deployment and up-to-the minute monitoring gives MSPs a lot more control over their businesses.
Find out more about Kaseya and Trend Micro.

Level Platforms – Monitoring the overall health in customer environments while being aware of security threats are some of the integration features available in Level Platforms.
Download the Level Platforms factsheet.

LabTech – With industry standard installation packages (MSI), MSPs are able to carry out monitoring, security audits and ticketing for customers.
Find out more about LabTech and Trend Micro.

Autotask - It's easy to activate the Trend Micro Worry Free Remote Manager in Autotask and this enables MSPs to complete data analysis and monitor the service delivery for their clients. More information about Autotask and Trend Micro is available here

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