Rebuild a server in minutes – not days!

StorageCraftStorageCraft VirtualBoot moves a system volume backup image into a Virtual Machine (VM) environment, without performing a restore operation or converting backup files to a different format.

By using the open source Oracle VirtualBox software, VIrtualBoot provides a quick, temporary replacement system for a failed server.


Here’s a few examples of how VirtualBoot can help when a server fails:

  • System Fail-over: Restoring a failed system with terabytes of storage using traditional methods can take days. A VirtualBoot replacement can take minutes and gives users full access to system resources and applications after only a brief downtime to cut-over to the new system.
  • Backup Test: Few administrators perform backup and restore tests using traditional methods. VirtualBoot can mount any backup image in a VM for testing to make sure a restored system would function properly.
  • Access Application-specific Data: While backing up data is a critical operation, sometimes the data files alone aren't useful without their associated applications. VirtualBoot can mount an entire system, both applications and data, in a VM where you have access to data within its associated application.

Visit our website for more information about the Storagecraft Recover-Ability solutions. If you’d like to see VirtualBoot in action, take a look at our short video below: