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Powered by Attix5 200x51Growing businesses produce ever increasing amounts of data and managing backup and recovery places additional pressure on companies.  Attix 5 Pro v7 Sailfish offers companies a solution to manage these challenges.

Why Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish?
Putting you in control of all of your backup accounts is delivered by the Attix 5 Pro Storage Platform Console, which includes:

  • Multi-tiered backup group support and group-level settings, offering you the ability to manage thousands of backup accounts running on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This support is offered across workstations and servers, on physical and virtual platforms with ease.
  • The capability to assign roles to users, giving them control over certain accounts.
  • The ability to produce storage platform reports for backup and recovery success, single-instance, compliance and more.

Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish and disaster recovery
Recovering your data after a natural disaster or corrupt hardware and software presents companies with numerous challenges.  VirtualRestore is the feature that gives I.T. companies the tools to manage their disaster recovery because:

  • Backed-up data is instantly presented on a virtual drive and appears on a local machine (where the restore is required).
  • The live data or database can be migrated to a different machine for you to continue working.

While almost no disk space is required, VirtualRestore makes restoring data as easy as doing a normal restore and copying the files and folders in a local file system.
Available for desktop, laptop and server editions, Attix5 Pro v7 Sailfish and VirtualRestore are the solutions for your disaster recovery plans.
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