Monthly Archives: December 2013

A study by Node4, data centre and communication specialist, found that up to 70% of UK SMBs expect larger IT budgets next year.  80% of the IT decision makers that were interviewed during the study agreed their expectation was for better business performance in 2014 and as a result they are considering how IT can be applied to automate processes and increase efficiency in their business.

The last recession cycle saw some serious spending cuts in IT departments but as faith in the UK economy is increasing, SMBs are once again looking at IT investment. However, spending habits have changed and decision makers want IT solutions that help them to drive down costs, be more efficient and win more business. SMBs now realise that even the most talented and expensive IT resources can't help the business to grow when they are distracted by mundane tasks like troubleshooting, monitoring and day-to-day support. 

Labtech LogoThis has brought new attention to the importance of automation and the features and benefits of products like Labtech 2013 - Click Here.  LabTech is the ultimate solution for recurring IT tasks to SMBs and their clients. Designed to extend and automate IT services, LabTech 2013 will improve IT process automation with enhanced visibility and automation which will free up IT resources to focus on more strategic projects. LabTech will also increase levels of service quality and achieve IT service excellence with 99.9% uptime.

Click here  to read more about LabTech 2013 and how it can improve an IT solution provider’s service offering through remote support that results in improved technician efficiency, added flexibility and dramatic cost reduction while driving IT automation into your business.

Successful IT is more than just on-site management of workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices. It is about remote management and control, seamless software deployment without end-user disruption and fixing issues before they even occur. It is about staff efficiency and customer satisfaction and it is about making the purchasing decisions that will empower businesses to achieve that in the new year.

Regardless of the purchasing intentions, plans or budgets for next year, 80% of IT decision makers in the SMB space are preparing to be automated and reap the associated business benefits in 2014! Are you?

Fill the Gap
Symantec will stop selling subscriptions or renewals for Backup on Jan. 6, 2014. Make sure you are able to fill the gap for customers with a trusted cloud solution.

The recent news of Symantec’s Backup discontinuing and the shutdown of backup company, Nirvanix in September, have left distributors and resellers cautious of which providers to use to entrust clients’ data to. Although these announcements came as a shock to many, it can also be seen as an opportunity to migrate to better solutions that provide more than just data storage but also added value to businesses.

At Blue Solutions we believe that stability is a fundamental factor in choosing a backup partner in order to give business customers the confidence that their critical backup data will be available for recovery in every instance. With a strong history of cloud solutions since inception in 1999, DataFortress, powered by Attix5, is a solution that MSPs can rely on to assist their SMB customers to make the best choice for their backup and recovery needs.

For this reason, DataFortress is recommended by Blue Solutions as a cloud solution that will not only fill the gap left by Backup Exec.Cloud but also but also add more value to your business such as business continuity and productivity. Cloud backup and recovery can be complex, requires continual investment, innovation, and most of all focus on the channel to ensure certainty and security of clients’ data. Blue Solutions is 100% focused on the channel and DataFortress is a cloud solution that will be available exclusively from us for the long haul.

To assure yourself of DataFortress being a secure, automated and scalable solution for your customers feel free to browse our website here: