Daily Archives: 18/07/2013

Are you a reseller or solutions provider looking to provide a cloud backup solution. Maybe you already have a solution in place and are demanding more performance, better management, more resilience. Have you looked at DataFortress?

DataFortress is a multi-tenanted solution that can be white-labelled. Data is secured and transmitted with AES 256bit encryption and is FIPS compliant. The DataFortress service is now available in a variety of new deployment offerings. Depending on the size of the backup requirement, available hardware, your technical expertise and the recovery objectives of the end user.

Fully Managed
Fully managed solution in the DataFortress Cloud for fast and easy deployment. Fully managed will also be most appropriate if you are just starting out. This service uses the DataFortress UK Mirrored Datacentres, no hardware or setup required.

Self Hosted
If you have you own hardware and are looking to run your own platform. Requires duplicate server setup to offer a mirrored solution. Alternatively you can mirror using the DataFortress Mirror Datacentre service.

If your end user requires LAN based backups for speed of backup and recovery, the DataFortress storage platform can be installed on premise with your end user. The data can be mirrored back to either your Self Hosted platform or the DataFortress Mirror Datacentre.

End User Hosted
Larger End users with TBs of backup data can opt for a full solution to be installed within their network. Corporate policy may prevent data being transmitted to a public cloud on the Internet.

Register today for a trial www.bluesolutions.co.uk/datafortresstrial