Is BYOD a Pain Related to RMM Services?

BYOD is definitely a pain but also an advantage to companies; an advantage because at first sight it represents huge savings since they don’t have to invest or spend?... in smartphones for their executives and employees. However, the security gaps become real threats.

The owned smartphone use for work purposes continues to expand, and the governance, risk and compliance implications of the trend are beginning to take the companies attention. According to a recent survey by Search basic_security_iconCompliance, "security risk" was cited by 96% of respondents as being among their top concerns regarding BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives in their organizations.

"Compliance" was the second-ranked top BYOD concern in the survey, taken by 773 IT professionals during SearchCompliance's April 24 virtual conference, The State of Cyber Security 2013.

All these new mobile technologies are changing the way business is done -- often in positive ways. 41% of the survey responders stated that these technologies ‘make workers more productive’. However CIOs also consider that these small mobile devices with vast capabilities force them to re-engineer the business processes and implement security and management tools to offset mobile device security risks.

It professionals work is not to say 'no,' -- their job is to explain the senior leaders the risks and the rewards of bringing this technology into the organization, and to provide the correct tools to have the network, processes, and corporate information safe.

“BYOD in today’s world is very popular however the amount of personal mobile devices linked to corporate systems provide a security nightmare for any IT admin. The MDM plugin in LabTech offers advanced control over iPhone and android which allow you to remotely wipe/destroy the data on the device should it become lost/stolen.” Explained  Matt Towell, Network Administrator, DataFortress & LabTech Technical Engineer at Blue Solutions.

There are compelling arguments for mobile technology use in the workplace, but the IT leaders need to have discussions with the C-suite about these mobile device security controls. Of course they need to include RMM and BYOD projects as an integrated part of the regular security and network management and optimization budgets.

IT Professionals have to have their eyes wide open and say, 'Look, if we are using these new mobile technologies, we need to have the controls and tools to manage them and secure them as well as our information and network.

Yes BYOD is a pain but also a benefit, the pain may be healed with the adequate RMM tool, then the benefits may increase exponentially, same as the savings and the IT staff time optimization.

Monica Paul, Marcomtec Group