Monthly Archives: November 2012

On 1st December 2012 Microsoft will make significant changes to User CAL pricing which will directly affect the Core CAL and ECAL Suites, ALL Volume Licensing Programs* and customers with renewals after 1st December 2012!

We have highlighted the most important points for you below:

  • User CALs will have a +15% price premium. Device CAL pricing will not change
  • All Volume Licensing programs* will be affected. Microsoft will apply the user CAL price premium across all user-based CAL products and programs in Volume Licensing and OEM programs
  • Differentiated CAL pricing will take effect with the release of the December price list. Subject to current approvals, you may request early renewal to take advantage of lower user CAL pricing prior to 1st December 2012
  • You can continue to choose to license CALs per user or per device. You may prefer device CALs if you have fewer devices than users and prefer to count devices. You may prefer user CALs if you have fewer users and prefer to count users.

*Does not include Dynamics, SQL, SPLA or EES (Academic).


Changes to Microsoft's OV Grace Period:

From 1st November 2012, Microsoft adjusted the renewal grace period from 30 days down to 48 hours after expiry date for OV, OVS and OVS-ES agreements. Notice of this change has been within customer contracts and the OV handbook for the past year.

This change now means customers renewal orders must be received prior to the expiration of the agreement. You can renew agreements 30 days prior to expiration, and any purchase orders placed will be held by Microsoft and invoiced on the start date of the renewal. Should the order be placed on the days following the 48 hours, it will be set up as a net new agreement and run from current date. This means that potentially there could be a gap in customers coverage. In cases such as these distribution will need to log requests with Microsoft to backdate the agreement.

The 90 day grace period remains for Open agreements.