Monthly Archives: June 2012

Trend Micro has released another attention-grabbing video tutorial on mobile and smartphone security in the workplace.

Some of the scenarios it demos are really very frightening (from a corporate perspective) and if I ran a company, no matter what the size, it’d probably have me tapping out an email straight away to our head of IT about tightening the control on staff use of mobile devices. However, the real issue is bigger than just control.

I think companies should be asking themselves how they can secure their business from threatening access via devices, rather than how they can control the devices themselves.

Devices are often owned by the employees, not the company, but the majority of those devices will have “guest” internet and LAN access. This means that the organisation is legally unable to secure & control those devices, because a company cannot enforce security and control software upon devices which it does not own. Yet, its data could be at great risk and if devices are compromised, the scenario demonstrated in the video above will become a reality.

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I wanted to share the news that Microsoft plans significant price increases for Open and Open Value licensing from July - these are licensing options for small and midsize organisations. All orders invoiced on or after 1st July 2012 will be at the new pricing, with no exceptions.

I understand the price increase is driven by a need to “re-align” UK pricing with European pricing, a disparity which has developed as a result of ongoing currency differences between Euro and Non Euro currencies.

This does not currently affect SPLA pricing, which according to ChannelPro in an article last month will not see price increases until January 2013.

The price increase will apply to the whole UK channel, and I understanding that it will be a 1.7 per cent increase for Open and 25.9 per cent increase for Open Value and Open Value Subscription.

For resellers working with us, it is essential that any outstanding quotes, or quotes we issue during June, are closed before Friday 29th June to benefit from current pricing.

The July pricelist has not yet been released, but our systems will be updated as soon as it is.